The only certain thing about CAT is uncertainty!

We hope that you are already done with your preparation for CAT 2021. You must have revised the syllabus again and again to make yourself comfortable. We know it because we have heard it from….yes, literally everyone! However, many of you are preparing with books which were written 5-6 and in some cases 10 years ago. During this time period IIMs have changed their directors multiple times, as have their faculty members and, not to mention, their CAT test patterns and types of questions .

We at TathaGat observe, analyse and attempt the CAT paper every year to bridge the gap. With an in-depth analysis of the changing trends in CAT we have picked the most probable problems which expose you to all sorts of techniques used while framing a question. Practise them to your full strength during the last days of CAT preparation .

Solve these questions without any time limit. The answers are given on the last page. In case you find any difficulty you can ping us in the relevant forums ( without any hesitation .. we are always eager to help you out ..

Download the file from the link given below:  

101 Must Solve QA


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