There are 10 consecutive natural numbers. Average of this numbers is k. If 4 more numbers consecutive numbers to the smallest of the 10 numbers are added to set, then what will be new average.

  1. k+1
  2. k-4
  3. k-2
  4. can’t be deteremined

Solution for Quant Question of the day: 260

By Allegation

32                       53


18          :        3

hence quantities should be mixes in 6:1

so 49 litres should have 42 litres of 32% and 7 litres of 53%.

hence 7 litres quantity should be replaced.

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Quant Question Of The Day: 260

Belgian shake company made Chocolate shake by mixing chocolate and milk. The 49 litres container is filled with 32% chocolate and shipped to South campus. But in the study it was found that students in the south campus demand more chocolate concentration in the shake. So Belgian shake company decided to make it 35% concentration of the chocolate. How much quantity must be replaced with 53% chocolate shake to achieve 35% concentration.

  1. 14 liters
  2. 7 litres
  3. 21 litres
  4. 5 litres

Solution for Quant Question of the day: 259

(1) There are multiple values of a for hcf (a,b ) = 8 (8,16; 16,24)

(2) There are multiple values of a for lcm (a,b) = 48 (eg 8,48; 16, 48)

combines – there are still multiple values of a  (eg, 8,48 ; 16,24)

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Quant Question Of The Day: 259


Q1. Digital payments company Paytm, in association with _________________, has launched its first credit card called Paytm First Card.



 C.Yes Bank

 D.Citi Bank

Q2. Which Telecom company and HDFC Life Insurance have tied up to offer life cover for customers who get a prepaid recharge done?

 A.Bharti Airtel




3.Which of the following country is unanimously chosen as co-chair of the Consultative Group (CG) of Global Facility for Disaster Reduction and Recovery (GFDRR) for the fiscal year 2020?





Q4. Merchant service and UPI payments app BharatPe has roped in Bollywood actor/actress _____________________ as its brand ambassador.

 A.Alia Bhatt

 B.Ranveer Singh

 C.Salman Khan

 D.Deepika Padukone

Q5. The Reserve Bank of India has appointed its former Deputy Governor, R Gandhi, on the board of private sector lender ____________________ as an additional director.

 A.HDFC Bank

 B.Yes Bank

 C.Axis Bank


Q6. The Indian Navy’s first full-fledged Services Selection Board (SSB) was inaugurated by Navy Chief Admiral ________________ at Diamond Harbour near Kolkata, West Bengal.

 A.Birender Singh Dhanoa

 B.Karambir Singh

 C.Bipin Rawat

 D.Sunil Lanba

 7.In which city, Consultative Group (CG) meeting of Global Facility for Disaster Reduction and Recovery (GFDRR) was held?

 A.New Delhi


 C.New York


  1. In 1993, the General Assembly decided in a resolution that ______________ May of every year should be observed as The International Day of Families.

 A.13th May

 B.15th May

 C.16th May

 D.14th May

9.The Central Government has extended the ban on the LTTE for another five years. LTTE is terrorist organization that has historical root in ___________.


 B.Sri Lanka



10.India has recently extended 1 billion dollar Line of Credit to which of the following East Asian Country to set up its first-ever grass-root refinery?





Following Question is followed by 2 statements. 

Mark (1), if question can be answered using one of the statements but not the other

Mark(2), if question can be answered using either of the statements.

Mark(3), if question can be answered using both the statements together but not by only one of those. 

Mark(4), if question cannot be answered using both the statements together.

What is the Value of integer A?

I HCF(A,B) = 8

II LCM(A, B) =48

Solution for Quant Question of the day: 258

let’s say he pays Rs100 for 100 gms

so he buys 130gms instead of 100gms (in Rs. 100)

and sells 70gms instead of 100gms (in Rs. 100)

now 60 gms is his profit over qty sold {70 gms in 100 rs, So further 60 gms in 7/6*100 rs)

60/70*100 = 85.71% profit

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Quant Question Of The Day: 258


1.Reserve Bank of India and Bank of Japan have signed a BSA recently. What is the full form of BSA?

A.Bilateral Swap Arrangement

B.Bilateral Swap Agreement

C.Bilateral Security Arrangement

D.Bilateral Service Arrangement

2.Union Railway Minister PiyushGoyal has announced a new railway zone for Andhra Pradesh, that is the Southern Coast Railway and it will be headquartered in-





3.Union Railway Minister PiyushGoyal has announced a new railway zone for Andhra Pradesh. It will be the __________ zone in the country.





4.IRCTC has launched its own digital payment aggregator called _________________.





5.Who has become the first batsman ever to smash 500 or more sixes in international cricket recently?

A.Chris Gayle


C.Glenn Maxwell

6.The Union Cabinet has approved the proposal for setting up of a Centre for Disability Sports in-





7.What is the ranked of India in the ‘Inclusive Internet Index 2019’ which is prepared by the ‘Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) for Facebook?





8.Which of the following country has topped in the ‘Inclusive Internet Index 2019’?





9.National Science Day is celebrated across India on-

 A.27th February

 B.24th February

 C.28th FebruarY

 D.25th February

10.Who is the only Asian among the top 10 richest billionaire list compiled by HurunResearc

A.Daniel Zhang

B.Jack Ma

C.Ratan Tata



11.Who is the topped billionaire list compiled by Hurun Global Rich List 2019?

A.Zack Ma


C.Bill Gates

D.Jeff Bezos

12.A joint military exercise Sampriti-2019 is an important bilateral defence cooperation endeavour between India and ____________.





13.Prime Minister NarendraModi dedicated a new National War Memorial to the nation. It is situated in _________.

A.New Delhi




14.External Affairs Minister SushmaSwaraj has been invited to deliver an address at the OIC in Abu Dhabi. OIC stands for_________

A.Oil Importing Countries

B.Organisation of Islamic Cooperation

C.Organisation of Oil Importing Countries

D.Organisation of Indian-ocean Countries

15.Which of the following state has become the first state to deploy specially-trained dogs to check smuggling of liquor?




D.Uttar Pradesh

16.Union Home Minister Rajnath Singh inaugurated a new park which houses the replicas of seven wonders of the world in___________.





17.Prime Minister NarendraModi, in South Korea, will receive the __________ in recognition of his dedication to international cooperation, global growth and human development.

A.South Korea Leadership Award

B.South Korea Peace Prize

C.Seoul Peace Prize

D.Korean Leadership Award

18.Who among the following won Laureus World Sports Award for World Sportsman of the Year?

A.Roger Federer

B.Charles Hamelin



19.Which of the following city hosted the 40th International Annual Desert Festival?





20.Indian Air Force conducted mega exercise ‘Vayu Shakti’ at _________.





If a merchant gives cheats 30% while buying and cheats 30% while selling. Find his profit percentage

  1. 60% profit
  2. 85.71% profit
  3. no profit no loss
  4. 30% profit

Solution for Quant Question of the day: 257

using alligation

40% grads                                70% non grads

                   60% boys        

10                             :                   20

hence ration of grads to non grads is 10:20 = 1:2

hence % of grads = (grads/total)*100 = 1/3*100 = 33.33%

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Quant Question Of The Day: 257

In a group of boys and girls, some people are graduates and other are not. 40% of graduates and 70% of non-graduate are boys. If there are total 40% girls in the group then what is the percent of graduates in the group.

  1. 33.33%
  2. 66.66%
  3. 50%
  4. 55.5%

Solution for Quant Question of the day: 256

They meet after 6 days (lcm of 2 and 3) or after 6n days

and Wednesday will come after 3 days or 7k+3 days

so 7k+3 = 6n (where k and n are integers)

k = 3 , then, n =4

hence they will meet after 7(3)+3 = 24 days for first time on a wednesday

and then after 42 days (lcm of 6 and 7), they will again meet (for 2nd time) on a Wednesday. It means after 66 days Viraj will  have 2 crystals.

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Quant Question Of The Day: 256

Arohi and Viraj visit the Museum every 2 and 3 day, they met in the Museum on a 10th Feb and it was Sunday. Every time they meet on a Wednesday Arohi gives Viraj a Crystal. When will Viraj Get 2nd Crystal from Arohi, If he hadn’t receives any crytal till 10th Feb.

  1. After 24 days
  2. After 42 days
  3. After 66 days
  4. After 90 days

Solution for Quant Question of the day: 255

We will take 3 smallest prime numbers to start that are 2,3,5

now we will pick 2 at a time from the above list and multiply them. It will be 3C2 ways = 3 ways

2*3    3*5     2*5

Now these 3 numbers are not co-prime and also none of them is multiple of other.

Hence 3 smallest prime will satisfy the requirement.

And Since these are the only prime in the list of numbers, hence their LCM will be 2*3*5 = 30

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Quant Question Of The Day: 255