Linear Arrangement

Four friends Akhil, Bhrigu, Chinmay and Dhruv went for an excursion with their wives Priya, Ritu, Shreya and Veena, not necessarily in the same order. Each couple hails from a different city amongst Mumbai, Chennai, Kolkata and Hyderabad, not necessarily in that

order. They went to Agra to visit the Taj Mahal, where they sat in a row. Each wife always sat to the immediate right of her husband.

(i) Bhrigu sat to the immediate right of Priya.

(ii) Dhruv is from Hyderabad and Priya is not from Mumbai.

(iii) Ritu and her husband were sitting to the immediate right of the couple that hailed from


(iv) Chinmay and his wife were sitting to the immediate left of the couple from Kolkata and

Chinmay was sitting to the immediate right of Shreya.

(v) Akhil sat to the immediate right of Ritu, who is not from Mumbai.

1. Who is Dhruv’s wife?
(A) Shreya
(B) Priya
(C) Veena
(D) Ritu

2. Which couple is from Chennai?
(A) Veena and Bhrigu
(B) Dhruv and Ritu
(C) Chinmay and Priya
(D) Akhil and Shreya

3. Who is the husband in the couple, which is seated second in the row from left to right?
(A) Akhil
(B) Bhrigu
(C) Chinmay
(D) Dhruv


Task – Make three pancakes in the least amount of time possible.

Conditions: One side of a pancake takes exactly three minutes to cook on a pan. You need to cook both sides. This means that a pancake takes exactly six minutes to cook.

Anything else: Yes. You’ve got two pans and two gas burners. Use them as you please.

Have I got gas? Of course. Assume what you’ve got to assume.

Get started!

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Which of the following statements are always correct :-

I. If p and p² + 8 are prime numbers, then p³ + 8p + 2 is also prime.
II. a4 + 4 is prime for some a > 1.

a) Only I
b) Only II
c) Both
d) None

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6 men, R, S, T, U, V and W sat around a circular table playing cards. It was noticed that no two men , the initial letters of whose names are adjacent in English alphabet, sat next to each other .U was opposite to R. V was not to immediate right of R.

1. Who sat to the immediate left of R ?
a. U
b. T
c. V
d. W

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The sum of the lengths of the twelve edges of a rectangular box is 140 , and the distance from one corner of the box to the farthest corner is 21. Find the total surface area of the box is

A. 776
B. 784
D. 800
E. 812

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7 Boxes


There are 7 boxes named A, B,C, D, E, F and G. each of different sizes. A smaller box can fit inside a larger box- The following information is known:

1. Box A fits inside both boxes B and D.

2.Box G fits inside both boxes A and F.

3.Box C fits inside both boxes B and F.

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