CAT 2018 Highlights

Verbal Ability and Reading Comprehension

•4 passages (with five questions) and 1 passage (with four questions) 

•Summary: 3 questions

(these 27 questions were objective type questions.)

•Para jumbles: 4 questions

•Odd one out: 3 questions

(These 7 were non MCQ questions.)

•Verbal Ability and Reading Comprehension  had some tricky, ‘read between the lines’ kind of passages.

•And in each passage around 2 were doable and rest a tad confusing.

• Summary questions had 1 easy and 2 a bit tricky between options. Out of Context had one sitter, rest confusing. And same with the parajumbles.

Logical Reasoning and Data Interpretation

•There were 8 sets of 4 questions each.

•A total of 24 were objective type questions whereas the other 8 were non MCQ.

•There was no set that had all 4 TITA questions.

Quantitative Aptitude

•Arithmetic and Geometry were higher in number. Algebra, Modern Maths were in the next tier with 5-6 questions.

•Number System and Logarithm each had at least 2 questions.

•Quant had considerably high number of calculation intensive questions. 

•Overall the section was slightly on higher difficulty side.

No change in Scoring pattern: Scoring pattern in CAT 2018 has remained to +3 for correct answer and -1 for wrong answer for MCQs and +3 for correct answer and 0 negative marking for wrong answer in Non-MCQs.

Expert Opinions 

•Anybody with 15 correct in verbal is very good. Because the paper was designed to make people attempt a lot of questions.

•It will be surprising  if QA cutoff goes higher than 8-9 questions.

•And LRDI was a real pain too. Again, a 10+ correct in LRDI would be good enough to clear the cutoff.


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