Alpha and Beta, two friends were both planning to buy a car. They listed down 20 features which they were looking for. They both evaluated all the prospective cars with the listed features using their individual scoring schemes.

Alpha gave a zero score to each feature missing in the car, score of 2 for each feature available and an additional score of 3 if he was happy with the feature.

Similarly, Beta gave a score of -3 to each feature missing in the car, score of 1 for each feature available and an additional score of 6 if he was happy with the feature.

They added the scores of features to arrive at the final score for each car.

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A toy company is planning to expand its operations by buying a new machine. They have short-listed two machines, A & B, based on the quality parameters, maintenance requirement, ease of operations etc. The production cost for each of these machines, for different production ranges is as shown in the table below. Answer the questions based on the data given. (All Costs are in Rs.)

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Here is another reasoning based set

Top B-school of the country selects the students based on their performances in two parameters
the Written Aptitude Test (WAT) and Group Discussion & Personal Interview(GDPI). On the basis of
their performances, the students are given scores out 10 in each parameter. Since both the parameters
are equally important, the B-school then calculates the final scores of the students by taking the product
of the two individual scores. This product is called the final score of the candidate. The B-school then
declares 4 lists based on the final score of the candidate. Namely,
Rejected List , Waitlist 1, Waitlist 2 & Selected List.

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In a coding operation C0, SMART is changed to UQBLT and DROP is changed to OPQE.
The coding operation works as follows:

  1. Odd letter of the word is replaced by the letter that follows it (as per the alphabetical sequence)
  2. Even letter of the word is replaced with the one that immediately precedes the letter (in the alphabetical sequence)
  3. The word is written in reverse order to arrive at the code.

Similarly, for other operations of the series, C1,C2,C3….,Cn  each letter is replaced by skipping n letter that precede or follow it.

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solo-trip3Ms Voyager was on  her solo trip to Shimla. She boarded the local passenger bus called “Traveller” from “Summer Hill (SH)” stop and got off at “Old Shimla” (OS)”. In between there are five stations and she decided to take a note of the number of passengers who boarded and got off “Traveller”.
Also the price of ticket between two stations is equal to one plus the number of stations in between those two stations. For example the ticket price of one passenger from Summer Hill to the mall road is equal to Rs 3 and that of one passenger from Monkey Point to Old Shimla is Rs 5. When she got off the Traveller at Old Shimla Bus stand she had following information with her. Also no person got off the same stop at which he/she boarded.

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images-1In recent years, CAT DI questions have moved away from the traditional graphical representation to the tabular one. Furthermore, the concepts involved are usually very basic and typical. Below is one such example, based on simple concept, testing your ability to interpret the given data.

In township TG Town, a bus operator Veeta Volvos is planning to launch operations. They did some preliminary survey on the number of people availing bus services during any given 4-hour window of the day (provided in the table). Each Veeta Volvos bus needs one driver and can accommodate a maximum of 45 passengers at a time.

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