Game based data interpretation

There have been questions, in recent years CAT’s quant and data interpretation sections, based on some mathematical strategy games. These questions do not require much mathematical expertise but seek for your hidden intelligence. Just like many things which you might have studied at your degree college are practical i.e. useful but not practicable i.e. feasible. Also in a business school, you learn so much business jargon and tactics but how much is practicable you learn only after getting out of school and enter the business. The exactly same way you may know ‘n’ amount of mathematics but that sharp intelligence, aptitude to solve problems is the key which CAT is looking for.

All of us know that mathematics can be learned but there are no courses for learning intelligence (* leave Artificial Intelligence for the time being). But we can nurture and nourish intelligence by using it. So let’s do it.

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Need for Speed - DI Set

Huey , Dewey and Louie are the three grandnephews of millionaire Scrooge McDuck. For their 18th birthday, they want a sports car each. Being the stingy uncle that Scrooge is, he has asked them to solve a puzzle, the right answer to which would get them a car each. The puzzle is as follows:

I raced all the 25 cars that I have (C1, C2, C3…C25), 5 at a time, and the results were as shown in the table.

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The table below gives the number of votes (in hundred thousands) received by the top three popular political parties only, based on recent elections in 3 states (UP, AP and MP) and the %age of total votes casted, that the top 3 parties got.
‘A’ index is the difference of the highest and lowest number of votes received by each party and ‘B’ index is the middle value (when number of votes are arranged in ascending order) for each party.
(All votes are rounded off to nearest 100 thousand)

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