Time Speed and Distance

Two cars P and Q start from two points A and B towards each other simultaneously. They meet for the first time 40 km from B. After meeting they exchange their speeds as well as directions and proceed to their respective starting points. On reaching their starting points, they turn back with the same speeds and meet at a point 20 km from A. Find the distance
between A and B.

A. 110 km
B. 120 km
C. 130km
D. 100 km.

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Competition Commission of India has approved acquisition of Future Group by which company?

A. Adani Group
B. Reliance Retail
C. Avenue Supermarkets
D. Tata Group


Sumit added the first n natural numbers. However, he added one of the numbers twice, by mistake, and obtained the sum as 640. Find the number that was added twice.

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Games and Tournaments

In the qualifiers for the 2019 ICC Cricket World Cup, cricket teams from European countries Netherlands and Ireland, African countries Zimbabwe and Kenya, and Asian countries Afghanistan and UAE were the only six participants.

The format of the Qualifiers is as follows –

  • The top two teams (in terms of number of matches won) qualified for the world cup. In case of a tie for the top two teams, the two teams that qualify for the world cup was to be decided in a tie-breaker round.
  • Two matches were played every day over six days (Monday to Saturday). One match each was played in the morning slot and in the evening slot every day.
  • The teams playing the evening match did not play the next day.
  • Each team played four matches, one match against every team except the team from the same continent.
  • Every team played two morning and two evening matches.
  • No team play two matches in a day.

The following information regarding the schedule for the tournament is known.

1. All teams except Ireland played their morning matches on consecutive days.
2. Afghanistan won all their matches while Kenya lost all their matches.
3. UAE won their match on Friday evening.
4. Ireland lost its match on Saturday morning.
5. Afghanistan defeated the teams from Europe on Tuesday evening and Thursday morning.

1. Which team played against UAE on Friday evening?
A. Netherlands
B. Zimbabwe
C. Ireland
D. Cannot be determined

2. How many teams played their evening matches on alternate days?

3. If UAE lost both their remaining matches, then which team of qualified for the World Cup 2019, if it is known that tie-breaker was not required? (Here remaining matches means the matches whose outcomes are not known to us.)
A. Netherlands
B. Zimbabwe
C. Ireland
D. Cannot be determined

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