Analytical Reasoning

A – W, B – X, C – Y and D – Z are four married couples. In a restaurant they are sitting around a rectangular table, with three persons along each of the longer sides of the table and one person along each of the shorter sides. All the male persons (A, B, C and D) are sitting along the longer sides and no the male persons are sitting together. X is sitting to the right of C. W and Z are sitting at the longer sides and neither of them is sitting adjacent to their respective husbands. Y is sitting to the right of A.

1. Which pair of people are sitting at the shorter sides of table?
(A) Z and X (B) B and Y (C) X and C (D) X and D (E) X and Y

2.  Who is sitting to the immediate right of Y?
(A) A (B) B (C) C (D) D (E) W
3. Who is sitting two places to the right of A?
(A) B (B) X (C) D (D) W (E) Y
4. If A and D interchange their places and C and W interchange their places, then who sits to the left of C?

(A) A (B) Z (C) W (D) D (E) B


A team of five is to be selected from amongst five boys A, B, C, D and E and four girls P, Q, R and S. Some criteria for selection are:

(a) A and S have to be together.
(b) P cannot be put with R.
(c) D and Q cannot go together.
(d) C and E have to be together.
(e) R cannot be put with B. Unless otherwise stated, these criteria are applicable to all the questions below:

1. If two of the members have to be boys, the team will consist of:

(a) A, B, S, P, Q (b) A, D, S, Q, R (c) B, D, S, R, Q (d) C, E, S, P, Q
2. .If R be one of the members, the other members of the team are;

(a) P, S, A, D (b) Q, S, A, D (c) P, S, C, E (d) S, A, C, E
3. If two of the members are girls and D is one of the members, the members of the team other than D are:

(a) P, Q, B, C (b) P, Q, C, E (c) P, S, A, B (d) P, S, C, E

Puzzle Arrangement

Anna, Benson, Chris, Dennis, Elena and Frank are the six employees of a company who work on three different projects, namely Project P, Project Q and Project R. Out of the six employees, Anna and Elena are women while remaining four, namely Benson, Chris, Dennis and Frank are men. Anna, Chris and Frank are managers while Benson, Dennis and Elena are associates. Each project must have one manager and one or more associates working for it. Each manager works on only one project while out of the three associates, one works on only one project, one other associate works on two projects while the third associate works on all the three projects.

The following information is known:
a. Project Q has involvement of maximum number of employees.
b. Both the women work together on one project. There is only one project on which only male employees work. 
c. Benson is a new joinee and is assigned to work on only one project. 
d. Dennis and Elena work together on exactly two projects.
e. Number of employees working for project P is more than the number of employees working for project R.
f. Anna works for project P.

1. Which of the following must be incorrect?

A.Chris work on project Q.
B. Benson work on project on which only men work.
C. Dennis and Anna work on project P.
D. Benson and Frank work on one project.

2. Which of the following combinations must be correct?
1. Project P – Dennis, Elena, Anna
2. Project R – Dennis, Frank
3. Project Q – Dennis, Elena, Benson, Chris
4. Project P – Dennis, Benson, An


A family of eight members – A, B, C, D, E, F, G and H – consists of three couples. There are three generations in the family. They form four groups of two members each and decide to go on foreign tour in four different countries – Canada, USA, UK and France.
(i) A is the grandfather of one of the male members who is going to the USA.
(ii) Both members of a group have decided to visit the same country and each couple forms a group.
(iii) H, female, is married to E, who is going to the UK.
(iv) B and D form a group, and agree to go to the USA after showing stiff resistance not to go to the
(v) E’s mother-in-law is mother of C, who is the father of B and brother of H.
(vi) D is unmarried and niece of C.
(vii) Oldest member of the family is going to Canada.

1. How is F related to C?
(1) Wife (2) Mother (3) Daughter (4) Cannot be determined

2. How many male members are there in the family?
(1) 3 (2) 4 (3) 5 (4) 2

3. Which of the following groups goes to the UK?
(1) C and F (2) A and G (3) H and E (4) B and D

4. How is D related to E?
(1) Son (2) Daughter (3) Niece (4) Nephew

5. How many children does A have?
(1) 1 (2) 3 (3) 2 (4) 4

6. Which of the following persons goes to France?
(1) C (2) D (3) E (4) H

7. What is the relation between B and H in that order?
(1) Nephew and Aunt (2) Niece and Aunt (3) Brother and Sister (4) Grandson and Grandmother


Three contestants Abhijeet, Rahul and Amit, contesting for the International Idol, were judged by Sonu, Farah and Anu. Each of the three judges gave certain points to each of these contestants. The points were given on the scale of 1 to 10. The candidate who secured the maximum total number of points was ranked 1st and who secured the second highest is ranked 2nd and so on.
The nine scores awarded by the three judges to the three contestants are all distinct. The total number of points given by Farah to all the three contestants together was three less than that given by Sonu, which in turn was three less than that awarded by Anu. The total points received by the three candidates are 6, 15 and 24.

1.How many points were given by Sonu to the contestant who secured 2nd rank?
(1) 2 (2) 4 (3) 8 (4) 5 (5) 7

2, How many points were awarded by Anu to the 1st ranker?
(1) 8 (2) 9 (3) 6 (4) 7 (5) None of these

3. If Abhijeet did not get either 2 points or 6 points from any of the judges, then how many points were awarded to him by Farah?
(1) 1 (2) 4 (3) Either (1) or (2) (4) 5 (5) None of these


Eight persons – A, B, C, D, E, F, G and H decided to attend a pet show organized in their city. Two persons have a dog each, two persons have a cat each, two persons have a parrot each and two persons do not have any pet. Given below is some information about the persons, and who reached when, to attend the pet show.
1. The person having a dog came just before the person having a parrot.
2. G, who does not have a dog reached just after B.
3. D has a dog and E has a parrot.
4. F came before H and met C when he reached the show.
5. E and B have the same type of pet.
6. The persons who reached first as well as the person who reached last have a parrot.
7. H, who has a cat, came just before the person having no pet.

1. When does A arrive at the pet Show?
A. 5th
B. 6th
C. 7th
D. 8th

2. If no person came between the two persons having a cat, then how many persons came between the two persons having a dog?

3. Among the given persons, who was the fourth to reach the pet show?
A. C
B. F
C. H
D. Cannot be determined

Binary Logic

Each of the three friends – Dimple , Aayush and Naman – has a different profession among –Doctor, Lawyer and Professor – not necessarily in the same order. It was known that each of them spoke at least one true statement. When asked, “Who belongs to which profession?”, the following were their replies :

Dimple  : Naman is the Professor. Aayush is the Lawyer.
Aayush: Dimple  is the Doctor. Naman is not the Lawyer.
Naman: Aayush is the Lawyer. I am the Doctor.

1. Who is the Lawyer?
(A) Dimple  (B) Aayush (C) Naman (D) Cannot be determined

2 What is Dimple ’s profession?
(A) Doctor (B) Lawyer (C) Professor (D) Cannot be determined

3. Among the three, who speaks the truth always?
(A) Dimple  (B) Aayush (C) Naman (D) Cannot be determined

Games and Tournaments

Six teams A, B, C, D, E and F play a game. In the first round of the game every team plays with every other team exactly once. If a team wins, it scores 40 points, if it loses, it loses 10 points and a draw results in 20 points for each team. After the first round, the top two teams advance to the finals. The following are the results of the first round.

(i) Team C neither won nor lost a match.
(ii) Teams B and E lost exactly one match.
(iii) Team F lost exactly three matches.
(iv) Team D won as well as lost exactly two matches.
(v) Team A lost exactly two matches.
(vi) The match played between team E and team F was drawn.

1. Which of the following teams advanced to the finals?
(A) A, B (B) A, E (C) B, E (D) B, C

2. Which of the following teams scored the same number of points at the end of the first round?
(A) B, D (B) A, D (C) D, E (D) None

3. The total number of winners in the first round is ____.
(A) 10 (B) 9 (C) 8 (D) Cannot be determined

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