Ratios and Proportions

In a test match in cricket, the scores of Rohit and Virat in the first innings are in the ratio of 13 : 16. In the second innings as compared to the first innings, their scores increase by the same number of runs and th...

Time Speed and Distance

Two cars P and Q start from two points A and B towards each other simultaneously. They meet for the first time 40 km from B. After meeting they exchange their speeds as well as directions and proceed to their respective...

Time and Work

P and Q can complete a j ob i n 30 days and 20 days respectively. If P started the work first and 15 days later, Q joined, in how many days will they complete the remaining work?
A. 6 days
B. 12 days
C. 18 days
D. 21 days

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Find the greatest integer b for which logb(192!) – logb(191!)- logb(24) is an integer.

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A television channel has eight programs − A through H − which are available for three prime-time slots on a Sunday evening. In how many different ways can the programmes be shown, if program A can come only after program B?

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Sumit added the first n natural numbers. However, he added one of the numbers twice, by mistake, and obtained the sum as 640. Find the number that was added twice.

Time and Work

There was some food in the store which would have been sufficient for a certain number of men for 100 days. However, after 25 days 8 more men joined the group because of which the food lasted only for 35 more days. How many men w...


a,b,c and d are four real numbers such that a2 – b = b2 – c = c2 – d = d2 – a . Find the value of (a+b) (b+ c)(c+d)(d + a).
A. -1
B. 1
C. 0
D. None of these

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