Out of Context questions are known for their tendency to make you see identical stars (those in the picture are star sheep) in broad daylight!

Ready to mull over these?

Four sentences are given below; three of them when arranged in a logical sequence form a coherent paragraph, but one of them does not fit into the sequence. Pick the sentence that does not fit into the sequence.

A. Entrepreneurs face the hassle of managing their taxes efficiently.
B. Some entrepreneurs have sought professional help to manage taxes.
C. Obscure regulations have the capacity to throttle most entrepreneurs.
D. Startups have constantly identified quality of labor as a pertinent challenge.

A. To call him supercilious would be unfair as he demonstrated no propensity towards arrogance.
B. Jesse James was noncompliant to the extent that he did not care to read the washing instructions on his shirts.
C. He was so greedy that he could not help himself from “borrowing” things from the dead.
D. To call him careless would do him undue justice; he did not take a moment to misplace his guns.

A. This stops cholesterol from clogging blood vessels and reduces the risks of heart attacks.
B. The fruit is rich in vitamins A and C, which prevent cholesterol from getting oxidized.
C. A fruit native to South America, the papaya has attained widespread popularity.
D. Cholesterol is one of the biggest risks in modern lifestyle habits, especially among the obese.

A. Finding this density of founders has been a cornerstone of growth for our community, enabling new founders to share experiences and make connections with peers.
B. The more collaboration we have seen within the community, as well as with neighboring cities, the more success we have seen from our startups.
C. The “catch-em early” strategy has paid dividends in finding talent before they can be poached away by more traditional employers.
D. We have grown our collisions between our startups and a variety of entities including universities, city government and the traditional corporate business community.

A. The persona of Batman was born out of the anger and sadness of a child that was confronted with a hopeless situation.
B. Batman’s rule against killing is a result of his belief that even depraved lowlifes have the potential to accomplish great things.
C. This is quite similar to how existentialism was born out of the bleak realization that the universe might not care about us.
D. Existentialism at its core is a philosophy that tries to gain control over the realization that we don’t matter in the bigger picture.



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