Binary Logic

Aman, Varun, Tarun, Ruchi and KD are chef, teacher, businessman, politician and lawyer, not necessarily in the same order. They made two statements, each out of which one is true and one is false.

Aman: Either me or Ruchi is businessman. I am a chef.
Tarun: Either me or Varun is a lawyer. KD is not a politician.
Varun: Tarun is the businessman. KD is a lawyer.
KD: Neither Ruchi nor Varun is a chef. Tarun is the teacher.
Ruchi: Aman is not a politician. Tarun is not a politician.

1. If Varun is the chef, then who is the Politician?
(1) Varun (2) Aman (3) Tarun (4) Cannot be detrmined

2. If Aman is the politician, then the chef is

(1) Aman (2) Varun (3) Either Varun or Aman (4) Either Tarun or Varun

3. If Aman is the chef, then Ruchi is a
(1) Politician (2) Teacher (3) Lawyer (4) Chef

4. Who is definitely a lawyer?
(1) KD (2) Aman (3) Varun (4) Tarun


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