Binary Logic

Four players – Aditya, Bikash, Chinmay and Divyanshu – are from four different cities among Hyderabad, Mumbai, Delhi and Kolkata. Each of them plays a different game among Chess, Badminton, Tennis and Bridge and they are of different heights. Each of them gives three statements to any question such that the three statements given by each person are alternately true and false in any order. The second statement made by exactly two persons is true and Aditya is one of them. When asked about them, the following were their replies.

Aditya : Bikash is from Delhi. Chinmay plays Chess. Divyanshu is not the tallest.

Bikash : Aditya is from Kolkata. Chinmay is not the shortest. Divyanshu plays Badminton.

Chinmay : Aditya is the 2nd tallest. Bikash plays Tennis. Divyanshu is from Delhi.

Divyanshu : Aditya plays Chess. Bikash is from Mumbai. Chinmay is not from Hyderabad.

1. Who is from Delhi?
2. Who is the Chess player?
(A) Aditya
(B) Bikash
(C) Chinmay
(D) Cannot be determined
3. Who is the shortest person?
(A) The Badminton player.
(B) The Chess player.
(C) The person from Delhi.
(D) The person from Kolkata.
4. Which two persons’ second statements are true?
(A) Aditya, Bikash
(B) Aditya, Chander
(C) Aditya, Divyanshu
(D) Cannot be determined


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