A team of five is to be selected from amongst five boys A, B, C, D and E and four girls P, Q, R and S. Some criteria for selection are:

(a) A and S have to be together.
(b) P cannot be put with R.
(c) D and Q cannot go together.
(d) C and E have to be together.
(e) R cannot be put with B. Unless otherwise stated, these criteria are applicable to all the questions below:

1. If two of the members have to be boys, the team will consist of:

(a) A, B, S, P, Q (b) A, D, S, Q, R (c) B, D, S, R, Q (d) C, E, S, P, Q
2. .If R be one of the members, the other members of the team are;

(a) P, S, A, D (b) Q, S, A, D (c) P, S, C, E (d) S, A, C, E
3. If two of the members are girls and D is one of the members, the members of the team other than D are:

(a) P, Q, B, C (b) P, Q, C, E (c) P, S, A, B (d) P, S, C, E


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