Puzzle Arrangement

Anna, Benson, Chris, Dennis, Elena and Frank are the six employees of a company who work on three different projects, namely Project P, Project Q and Project R. Out of the six employees, Anna and Elena are women while remaining four, namely Benson, Chris, Dennis and Frank are men. Anna, Chris and Frank are managers while Benson, Dennis and Elena are associates. Each project must have one manager and one or more associates working for it. Each manager works on only one project while out of the three associates, one works on only one project, one other associate works on two projects while the third associate works on all the three projects.

The following information is known:
a. Project Q has involvement of maximum number of employees.
b. Both the women work together on one project. There is only one project on which only male employees work. 
c. Benson is a new joinee and is assigned to work on only one project. 
d. Dennis and Elena work together on exactly two projects.
e. Number of employees working for project P is more than the number of employees working for project R.
f. Anna works for project P.

1. Which of the following must be incorrect?

A.Chris work on project Q.
B. Benson work on project on which only men work.
C. Dennis and Anna work on project P.
D. Benson and Frank work on one project.

2. Which of the following combinations must be correct?
1. Project P – Dennis, Elena, Anna
2. Project R – Dennis, Frank
3. Project Q – Dennis, Elena, Benson, Chris
4. Project P – Dennis, Benson, An


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