Three contestants Abhijeet, Rahul and Amit, contesting for the International Idol, were judged by Sonu, Farah and Anu. Each of the three judges gave certain points to each of these contestants. The points were given on the scale of 1 to 10. The candidate who secured the maximum total number of points was ranked 1st and who secured the second highest is ranked 2nd and so on.
The nine scores awarded by the three judges to the three contestants are all distinct. The total number of points given by Farah to all the three contestants together was three less than that given by Sonu, which in turn was three less than that awarded by Anu. The total points received by the three candidates are 6, 15 and 24.

1.How many points were given by Sonu to the contestant who secured 2nd rank?
(1) 2 (2) 4 (3) 8 (4) 5 (5) 7

2, How many points were awarded by Anu to the 1st ranker?
(1) 8 (2) 9 (3) 6 (4) 7 (5) None of these

3. If Abhijeet did not get either 2 points or 6 points from any of the judges, then how many points were awarded to him by Farah?
(1) 1 (2) 4 (3) Either (1) or (2) (4) 5 (5) None of these


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