Binary Logic

Each of the three friends – Dimple , Aayush and Naman – has a different profession among –Doctor, Lawyer and Professor – not necessarily in the same order. It was known that each of them spoke at least one true statement. When asked, “Who belongs to which profession?”, the following were their replies :

Dimple  : Naman is the Professor. Aayush is the Lawyer.
Aayush: Dimple  is the Doctor. Naman is not the Lawyer.
Naman: Aayush is the Lawyer. I am the Doctor.

1. Who is the Lawyer?
(A) Dimple  (B) Aayush (C) Naman (D) Cannot be determined

2 What is Dimple ’s profession?
(A) Doctor (B) Lawyer (C) Professor (D) Cannot be determined

3. Among the three, who speaks the truth always?
(A) Dimple  (B) Aayush (C) Naman (D) Cannot be determined


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