Out of seven people – Anusha, Bhavya, Chandani, Deepika, Elina, Fardeen and Gyani, four are to be selected.
1. At least one of Elina or Bhavya must be selected and at most one between Anusha or Deepika can be selected.
2. Either Chandni or Deepika must be selected.
3. Anusha, Fardeen and Gyani cannot be selected together.

1. If A is selected then who must be selected?

(A) Deepika (B) Fardeen (C) Gyani (D) Chandani

2. If neither A nor D is selected, then in how many different ways can the four persons be selected?
(A) Three
(B) Four
(C) Five
(D) Two


  1. Sir, can Fardeen and Gyani be selected together? If they are selected together, then answer to question 2 is coming as 4 ways.

  2. Explanation to question 2:

    A and D cannot be selected, so 5 persons are left for selection. Among 5, C must be selected so
    we are left 3 places and 4 persons and no of ways of selecting 3 out of 4 are 4C3=4.

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