Five couples are sitting around a regular pentagonal table, with two persons along each edge. Among the five couples, Avnish, Bikram, Chintu, Deepak and Eshank are male members and Ashmita, Vidya, Charu, Dimple and Ekta are female members. It is also known that:

(i) Persons sitting along the same edge are neither of the same gender nor married to each other.
(ii) Eshank is sitting three places to the right of his wife, Charu.
(iii) Bikram is equidistant from Avnish and Ekta, who are not married to each other.
(iv) Members of none of the couples, except Ashmita and Bikram, are sitting next to each other.
(v) Deepak, who is married to neither Dimple nor Ekta, is sitting five places to the left of Ashmita.
(vi) Chintu is sitting three places to the left of Deepak and four places to the right of Vidya.

1.  Who is the wife of Chintu?
(a) Vidya (b) Dimple (c) Ekta (d) Either (b) or (c)

2. Who is sitting between Deepak and Charu?
(a) Eshank (b) Dimple (c) Chintu (d) Cannot be determined

3. Whichof the following pairs represents a couple?
(a) Vidya-Deepak (b) Avnish-Dimple (c) Both (a) and(b) (d) None of these


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