Circular Arrangements

Four couples, i.e., the Guptas, Patels, Khannas and Shahs join at a party. They sit on equally spaced chairs around a circular table facing the centre of the table. Following conditions are to be satisfied.

(i) No husband and wife sit next to each other.

(ii)No two husbands sit next to each other.

(iii)Mrs. Patel sits opposite to Mrs. Khanna.

1. In how many ways, can these four couples can be seated?

2. If Mrs. Shah and Mr. Patel sit next to each other, then who sits opposite to Mr. Shah?

A. Mr Khanna
B. Mrs Patel
C. Mr Gupta
D. Cannot be determine

3. If Mr. Gupta and Mrs. Khanna are adjacent to each other, then who among the following is to the right of Mr. Shah?

A. Mrs Gupta
B. Mrs Patel
C. Mrs Khanna
D. Either Mrs Gupta or Mrs Patel

4. If all the female members are made to face outside and all the male members face inside, then which of the following is definitely false?

A. Mrs. Khanna is third to the right of Mr. Khanna.
B. Mr. Gupta is second to the left of Mr. Patel.
C. Mrs. Shah is always to right of Mr. Gupta.
D. Mrs. Khanna is to the immediate left of Mr. Gupta.


  1. Q1 – 2 ways
    Q2 – c) Mr. Gupta
    Q3 – a) Mrs. Gupta
    Q4 – a) Mrs. Khanna…

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