Seven groups – Drishadvati, Beas, Ghaggar, Hindon, Tambraparani, Khadirbet and Uchha of students from class XI were given a project to collate information about excavation site from various states/territories related to INDUS VALLEY CIVILISATION and present.

Excavation sites: Manda, Dholavira, Alamgirpur, Sangol, Adichhanallure, Rakhigarhi and Bhirrana
States/territories: Jammu, Gujarat, Delhi, Punjab, Tamilnadu, Haryana. Two sites are in Haryana.
The seven groups were from three sections of class XI – A, B and C. Number of groups from each sections was different. 25 minutes were given for each group to present.

There was a gap of 5 minutes between two consecutive presentations and also a gap of more than 30 minutes between two presentations from group of the same section.

The following details are known:

a. Beas group started the presentation at 10:30 AM. This was the last but one presentation.
b. The name of a group does not start with the same letter of a state/territory in which excavation site (on which the presentation was based) is located except for one group.
c. Ghaggar was the last group to present from their section. The presentation was based on the excavation site Bhirrana – Haryana.
d. Hindon was the second group to present from section B. The group presented on Alamgirpur- Delhi.
e. Presentation on Adichhanallure-Tamilnadu was after the presentation on Sangol- Punjab . Sangol- Punjab was the 3rd presentation from section B.
f. Khadirbet was the first group to start with the presentation at 8:00 AM on Dholavira-Gujarat.
g. Group Uchha neither presented site Rakhigarhi nor the site from state Jammu.
h. Two groups from section A chose excavation sites from the same state.

1. Group Uchha started the presentation at ____.A. 10 AM
B. 11: 00 AM
C. 8:30 AM
D. 9: 30 AM

2. Presentation about which site was given at 9:30 am?
A. Bhirrana
B. Alamgirpur
C. Sangol
D. Rakhigarhi

3. The excavation site Manda is in which state?
A. Haryana
B. Gujrat
C. Punjab
D. Jammu


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