In South Delhi, there are exactly five different malls – City Centre, Central, Central Square, City Square and Square Central. Eachmall has a different restaurant among Eat Street, Eatery Bay, Bay Street, Streetfood and Food Bay. Further, each restaurant serves a different cuisine among Indian, Chinese, Italian, Mexican and French.

On a particular day, each of five persons, Ankit, Bhuvi, Chinmay, Dhruv and Ekansh visited a different restaurant among the ones mentioned above. It is also known that

i. Food Bay is in Central Square, while Dhruv visited City Square.

ii. the restaurant that serves Indian cuisine was visited by Bhuvi, while the Bay Street does not serve French cuisine.

iii. Ekansh, who visited Eat Street, did not visit the restaurant that serves Mexican cuisine.

iv. Square Central has the restaurant which serves French cuisine and this was visited by Chinmay.

v. Streetfood, which is not in City Centre, serves Chinese cuisine and this was visited by Ankit.

1. Which cuisine does the restaurant that Dhruv visited serve?

2. Who among the following visited Eatery Bay?

A. Bhuvi
B. Dhruv
C. Chinmay
D. Cannot be determined

3. Which cuisine does the restaurant in Central serve?

4. Which mall did Bhuvi visit?


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