Mrs Cake has a total of 10 pastries of four different types– 2 Black Forest, 3 Pineapple, 3 Chocolate Truffle and 2 Mixed Fruit. She gave these ten pastries to four children – Chintu, Pinki, Babloo and Monu, such that no child received more than one pastry of any type and every child received at least one pastry.

1] Babloo neither received Mixed Fruit nor Pineapple.
2] No child received the same number of pastries as Chintu.
3] Neither Pinki nor Chintu got a Black Forest.
4] One child received only a Black Forest and a Chocolate Truffle.

How many pastries did Monu receive ?

How many children received a Chocolate Truffle and a Pine Apple?


  1. Simran Bhatia

    Monu receives 4 pastries. Chocolate Truffle and Pineapple Pastry combination is received by 3 kids.

  2. chintu- CT / P ( satisfied
    Pinki – M / P / CT
    Babloo – BF
    Manu- BF / CT / MF / P

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