Each of five boys Karan, Prakash, Ravanth, David and Ranjan have a different number of physical attributes from amongst blue eyes, black hair, white complexion, broad forehead and long hair.
i. Ranjan does not have as many of these physical attributes as Prakash but has a white complexion.
ii. Prakash does not have as many of these physical attributes as Ravanth, who does not have blue eyes.
iii. David does not have as many of these physical attributes as Karan and Karan does not have the maximum number of these physical attributes in the group.
iv. The number of physical attributes that Ranjan has is exactly two more than the person having the least number of these physical attributes.
v. Prakash has long hair and one of the physical attributes of Ranjan is that he has a broad forehead.
vi. Every physical attribute is associated with a different number of boys and it is possible that there is a boy who does not have any of the given physical attributes and that there is a physical attribute from amongst these not associated with any of the boys.

Which of the following additional statements do you need to know the physical attributes associated with each of the five boys?

I. Prakash has a broad forehead.
II. Prakash has white complexion.
III. Karan does not have a broad forehead.
IV. Karan does not have white complexion.
1. Only I.
2. Either I or II
3. Only III
4. Either III or IV

Which of the following physical attributes is associated with exactly two people?
White Complexion
Long Hair
Broad Forehead
Cannot be determined

How many boys in the group have black hair?


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