Sharma Jee wants to buy a book and is confused between four novels of different genres – mystery, horror, comedy and thriller. The novels are written by Lalu, Monu, Nonu and Ovattio and published by Purshottam,
Quattchori, Rajveer and Sarkar, not necessarily in the same order. The horror novel is published by Quattchori and the thriller novel is written by Nonu. Each novel is written by a different author and published by a
different publisher. It is also known that Lalu and Monu get their books published by Purshottam or Quattchori only.

If the mystery novel is written by Ovattio then who can be the publisher of the comedy novel?
(a) Purshottam or Quattchori (b) Only Purshottam
(c) Purshottam or Rajveer (d) Purshottam or Rajveer or Sarkar

How many combinations of publisher and author are possible for the mystery novel?


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