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1. The Union Government has appointed former Reserve Bank of India governor ____________ as the head of the panel that has been tasked with selecting India’s next chief economic advisor (CEA).  

A. Raghuram Rajan

B. Venugopal Reddy

C. Bimal Jalan 

D. C. Rangarajan


2. In which of the following cities, Ayushman Bharat call centre was formally inaugurated by CEO of Ayushman Bharat Dr. Indu Bhushan?  

A. New Delhi 

B. Chandigarh

C. Bengaluru 

D. Chennai 


3. Who has taken over as Vodafone Idea’s first Chief Executive Officer? 

A. Himanshu Kapania 

B. Rajesh Mittal 

C. Anurag Tiwari 

D. Balesh Sharma 


4. The Indian Banks Association (IBA) has elected whom as its new chairman for  2018-19 ? 

A. Rajnish Kumar 

B. Shyam Srinivasan 

C. Madhav Nair 

D. Sunil Mehta 


5. Which movie has become the first Bollywood film to release in Saudi Arabia ? 

A. Sanju 

B. Gold 

C. Dangal 

D. Parmanu 


6. Which country remained the top source of foreign direct investment into India in  2017-18 ? 



C. Mauritius 

D. United Kingdom 


7. Which country has recently been hit by the strongest typhoon Jebi? 

A. Hongkong 

B. Japan 

C. Italy 

D. Germany 


8. Uttar Pradesh CM has inaugurated the first luxury cruise ‘Alaknanda’ in which  city? 

A. Kanpur 

B. Agra 

C. Allahabad 

D. Varanasi 


9. After Apple which company has become the second company to cross the 1 trillion dollar  business ? 

A. Facebook 

B. Alibaba 

C. Amazon 

D. Google 


10. Who has been appointed as a brand ambassador by BSNL for 2 years? 

A. Rohit Sharma 

B.  Mithali Raj 

C. Mary Kom 

D. Virat kohli 


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