Current Affairs

Q1. Who died due to heart attack in Rishikesh, Uttarakhand, after a 111-day hunger strike

demanding the government to clean river Ganga?

a GD Agarwal

b Mohan Singh

c kunal Gandhi

d Anand Agarwal

Q2. AirAsia India has appointed whom as Managing Director (MD) and Chief Executive Officer (CEO)?

a Sonu Mishra

b Vikas Sharma

c Madan Shetty

d Sunil Bhaskaran

Q3. Which country has signed Digital Security Bill, 2018 and enacted it as a law?

a Pakistan

b Bangladesh

c Bhutan

d Nepal

Q4. Which state’s Forest Department has started the vaccination of lions to protect them from

deadly Canine Distemper Virus (CDV)?

a Karnataka

b Madhya Pradesh

c Rajasthan

d Gujarat

Q5.Cyclone Luban has strengthened in which of the following Seas?

a White Sea

b Arabian Sea

c Caspian Sea

d Red Sea

Q6.Home Ministry has issued an advisory asking the ______________ administration to exempt

Sikh women from wearing helmets while driving two-wheelers?

a Chandigarh

b Amritsar

c Jalandhar

d Ludihana

Q7.The National Electronics Policy 2018 was released by the government that aims a turnover of

$400 billion in domestic electronics manufacturing by which year?

a 2020

b 2025

c 2030

d 2035

Q8.Which among the following coal has highest carbon content?

a Bituminous

b Anthracite

c Torbanite

d Lignite

Q9.Who has written the book Paradise Towers ?

a Twinkle Khanna

b Shweta Bachchan

c Shaheen Bhatt

d Karan Johar

Q10.Renowned Hindustani classical musician Annapurna Devi passed away recently, in which of the

following states she was born?

a Bihar

b Rajasthan

c Madhya Pradesh

d Delhi


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