images-1In recent years, CAT DI questions have moved away from the traditional graphical representation to the tabular one. Furthermore, the concepts involved are usually very basic and typical. Below is one such example, based on simple concept, testing your ability to interpret the given data.

In township TG Town, a bus operator Veeta Volvos is planning to launch operations. They did some preliminary survey on the number of people availing bus services during any given 4-hour window of the day (provided in the table). Each Veeta Volvos bus needs one driver and can accommodate a maximum of 45 passengers at a time.

A shift is defined as a period of 8 continuous hours. Each driver can work for only one shift in a day (24 hour period). A standard shift roster is identified by dividing a 24-hour day into 3 shifts (shifts do not overlap). A flexible shift roster is defined by dividing a day into multiple shifts (overlapping is allowed), starting at the beginning of any of the given 4 hour period.

1) What is the minimum number of buses required by Veeta Volvos to serve all passengers of TG town?

a) 10        b) 12           c) 13         d) 11

2) What is the minimum required number of drivers by Veeta Volvos need to serve all passengers of TG town, if a standard shift roster is followed?
a) 26            b) 30         c) 16            d) 32

3) What is the minimum number of bus drivers required if a flexible shift roster is followed?
a) 26        b) 30        c) 16         d) 32

4)A full-time drivers (8 hour work shift) charges Rs. 200 per hour while a part time driver (4 hour work shift) has to be paid Rs. 300 per hour. What would be the minimum daily expenditure on driver wages?
a) 39800         b) 40000          c) 29600        d) 39200




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