The table below gives the number of votes (in hundred thousands) received by the top three popular political parties only, based on recent elections in 3 states (UP, AP and MP) and the %age of total votes casted, that the top 3 parties got.
‘A’ index is the difference of the highest and lowest number of votes received by each party and ‘B’ index is the middle value (when number of votes are arranged in ascending order) for each party.
(All votes are rounded off to nearest 100 thousand)


1) For how many Parties is it possible to calculate exact B-index?

a)0          b)1         c)2          d) More than 2

2) Which party can have the lowest A index?

a) SRP, TRP or Kongress

b) Only SRP or TRP

c) Only SRP or Kongress

d) Only SRP

3) Which party had the best B index?

a)TRP    b)BIDMK              c)VJP     d)Kongress


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