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[Sticky] Why MBA?

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What should I write to the question "Why do you want to do MBA"?

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Whenever you are asked a question such as 'Why MBA'...the following thought process applies

Let's say you are at a station A. You need to get to station B. So if there is a metro that takes you from metro A to B then it is logical that you take that metro. Similarly, an MBA degree is supposed to take you from where you are in your career to where you want to be. But for that you must know where you want to go i.e. your goals and also where exactly you are. Once you know where you want to go, you must be able to demonstrate how an MBA degree is that right metro (means) that will take you to your station B. Think on these lines while answering the question why MBA. But know that MBA is only a means (metro) and not the end. Therefore, your answer cannot be that being an MBA was your aim and it is in pursuance of that aim that you want to pursue an MBA. You don't travel in metro just to travel in a metro, unless you are a worthless dumb-dog who loiters around, someone an MBA college is definitely not looking for. You travel in metro to get to somewhere.

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In XAT form also, is it necessary to fill marks of all the subjects mentioned in the 10th and 12th marksheet or main 5 subjects will do the job.