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There is a country called Tolagola in the shape of a parallelogram ABCD. M,N,O and P are the mid points of DC, DA, AB, and BC respectively. The government decided to divide the country into 9 states by drawing 4 straight lines DP, NB, AM and OC. OC meets with NB and DP at S and T respectively. Also, AM meets with NB and DP at R and Q respectively. 

Q1. If the area of AOSR is 240 kmsq, what is the area of CTP?

Q2. What is the area QTSR if area ABCD is 1000 kmsq.?

Q3. If the area DTC is 1600 km sq, what is the area NSTD? 

Q4. What is the ratio of the areas PTSB and ARN?

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