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Hello sir, 

Please help me with the approach.

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Hello Abhi ! 


Alternate Approach : 


please share the solution to this problem

Hi Richa! 


PFA the solution . 


Ohh thank you. The question says to find the length of tangent from the center of one circle to the other, I thought it meant from one center to the other center. The question wasn't clear to me. 




Hello Sir, please help me with the below 2 questions:


Q1) Two circles of radii 14 and 22 units are 45 units apart at the centers. What is the length of their common internal tangent?


Q2) A square whose area is 64 is partitioned into four congruent smaller squares. Find the circumference of the circle that passes through the centers of the four subsquares. 

Q. 1 



Q . 2



Hey sir, please help me with the below question.

Hello Richa ! 


PFA the approch. 


Sir, how do we know that angle CAB is 60°? 

Or if I put it in different term- how do we know that triangle ABC is an equilateral triangle? 


Please help.

AC and  AB are circular arcs so 

AC = AB = BC = r ( Radii ) 

Hence , ABC is an equilateral triangle . 


Hi sir, please help.


o is the centre of the circle please provide the solution


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Hello Aniket , 


PFA the attached solution .


In the rectangle ABCD , the perpendicular bisector of AC divides the longer side AB in a ratio 2:1 . Then the angle between AC and BD is?

Sir the figure is troubling me 

Hello Richa 


PFA the solution. 


An easier approch : 


Hi sir, please share the solution

Hello Richa , 

All the options seem wrong the correct answer is 10 - 2sqrt{15}


Hi sir, please help with this problem

Join E - A and D - A 

the angle formed ( EAD ) will be 30º

So the angle formed by the side of the square  at center = 60º 

Hence,  Equilateral triangle 

Radius = Side of the square = 2


Sir, can you help me with the diagram of this question? I'm not able to visualize or draw the diagram.

AB and CD are perpendicular to a diameters of Circle O. Let CM be a chord that intersect AB at E, so that CE=6 and EM =5. Find the circumference of the circle.

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This problem is similar to the question of the day : 25 : 


Hello Richa PFA the approch . 


PFA the solution 



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