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the cube of the first no exceed their product by 2,the cube of the second no is smaller than their product by 3,and the cube of the third no exceeds their product  by 3


A)3^(1/3)                        B)9^(1/3)                     C)2                       D)any of these

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For how many integers x4 + x3 + x2 + x + 1 is a perfect square?


For how many integers, n, the expression n2 + n + 4 is a perfect square?




for only 1 integer ?

4 integers

-3 , -1 , 0 and 4. 

Sir please share the approach


Q.How many natural numbers between 1 and 100 have exactly 4 factors?


For exactly 4 factors . Result comes from following 2 forms

2*2---> corresponds to the number of form (a*b) where a,b are primes
and 4 ---> corresponds to the number of form (a^3)

Now let's take each form one by one
a*b form
2*3, 2*3, 2*5 ...........2*47 (14 numbers) (14 primes from 3 to 47)
then 3*5, 3*7,3*11........ 3*31 (9 numbers) (9 primes from 5 to 31)
then 5*7, 5*11.......5*19 (5 numbers)
then 7*11, 7*13 (2 numbers)
total number of this form = 30 numbers

next is a^3 form
only 3 numbers are there 2^3, 3^3, 4^3
so total 33 numbers have exactly 4 factors


10000! =(100!)^k ×p where k and p are integers. What can be the maximum value of K? 



On planet Mars the people use a certain number system to the base 'n' (n>2) , kyes a resident of the planet, one day received thrice of his daily wage because the digits of this wage, which was a 2 digit number, were reversed. 

Q1. What is the least possible value of n? 

Q2. What is the second least possible value of n? 

Q3. If n is least possible value then what is the wages that kyes receives on a normal day (in base n)?

Q4. If the base system that is being used on the mars is the second least possible value of N then what is the sum of all the value  of wages that kyes can receive for his work (in base n)? 


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