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Twenty students are standing in a straight line facing north. Rina
is standing sixth from the left end. There are only three students
between Rina and Shweta. Radha is standing exactly between
Shweta and Rina. Tina is standing sixth to the right of Radha.
Anita is standing fourth from the right end of the line. There are
more than four students between Rina and Tina.
42. How many people are standing between Anita and Tina.
(a) One (b) Two
(c) Three (d) None
43. What is Shweta’s position with respect to Anita?
(a) Sixth to the left (b) Eighth to the left
(c) Seventh to the left (d) Ninth to the left

7 Answers


The arrangement will be 6-Rina  8-radha 10-Shweta 14-Tina and 17- Anita.

Hence there are two people between anita and Tina.

And Shweta is 6th to the left of Anita


Hello Apoorva! 

Let free luggage be f and excess luggage charge p/kg  

Raja has x kg and Praja has (60 - x) kg 

( x - f) p = 1200 

( 60 - x - f ) p = 2400 

and ( 60 - f) p = 5400 

Now divide them to get 3x - f = 60 ..... (1) 

and 9x - 7f = 120 ...... (2) 

from (1) and (2) 

x = 25 , f = 15 . 

33. Praja has 60 - 25 = 35 kg .  (option D. ) 

34.  15 kg . ( Option B ) 


P, Q, R, S and T are the only members  of a family. Given below are four statements by each member of the family:

1.T is my mother in law.

2. R is mt son in law's brother

3. Q is my father

4. P is my brother's wife

Qus out of the following, S can be T's :

1. son








If you have two identical balls , one heavier than the other , you can easily determine which is heavier by putting them on opposite pans of a balance scale . If there are four balls , all the same weight except for one heavier one , you can find the heavier one in two weighings.

Suppose you have nine identical balls, one of which is heavier than the eight others . What is the smallest number of weighings needed for positively identifying the odd ball ?



2 or 3?

minimum 2 weighings.