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Syllogism 2- Venn Diagrams


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Q. Choose the set of three statements where the third statement can be logically derived from the previous two.

1. All tricks are loops.

2. No puzzles are loops.

3. All puzzles are tricks.

4. No puzzles are tricks.

5. All puzzles are loops.

6. All loops are tricks.

A. 341

B. 642

C. 352

D. 156

E. 631


The answer is B. 

1 Answer

find the valid argument(s) in the given below. 

1. Ersatz things are poor copies. Only poor copies are acceptable. Ersatz things are acceptable. 

2. Ersatz things are poor copies. Some ersatz things are drivel. Some poor copies are drivel. 

3. Only paupers are kings. Kings are not smitten. Paupers are not smitten. 

4. Only paupers are kings. Only kings are smitten. Smitten are paupers.


a. only 1

b. only 3

c. 2 and 4

d. 1,2 and 4

e. 3 and 4

d. 1,2, and 4