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Syllogism 3- Logical Consistency


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Q. There is a main statement followed by four statements 1,2,3 and 4. From the choices, choose the ordered pair in which the first statement implies the second statement and the two are logically consistent with the main statement.

Jayantika sleeps when she wakes up. 

1. Jayantika is sleeping.

2. Jayantika wakes up.

3. Jayantika is not sleeping.

4. Jayantika does not wake up.

A. 1 and 4.

B. 3 and 4.

C. 3 and 2.

D. 2 and 3.

E. 2 and 4.

In this context, 'when' is the same as 'if'. The given main statement can be read as: If she wakes up, Jayantika sleeps. 'If A, then B' means 'If not B, then not A.' Therefore, from the main statement, it can be derived that ' If Jayantika does not sleep, she will not wake up. Therefore, the answer is B.