mutual-fundDILR section has become a game changing section in the CAT. In the last two years this section has been the most difficult of all the three sections. Here is a DI set which will give a sneak peek at what can be expected in the CAT. This set comprises Type in the Answer(TITA) questions that have been a recent addition to the CAT.

Directions of question 1 to 4:

The investors can invest in four mutual funds – ICICI, SBI, Kotak and HDFC, to buy stocks of these four companies. Not all the investors invested in the mutual funds every month but when they did, each person invested Rs.100 to any one of the four mutual funds in a month, not necessarily the same fund every month.

For each of the four funds, the number of people who invested in each of October, November and December was either equal to or one greater or one lesser than their corresponding numbers in the previous month. For example, if ‘n’ investors invested in the ICICI fund in October, then the number of investors who invested in the ICICI fund in November can be ‘n – 1’, or ‘n’ or ‘n + 1’.

The following bar graph shows the average amount invested in each fund in each of the four months. The average in a given month is defined as the total amount invested in the fund till that month (including that month) divided by the maximum number of investors who have invested in the fund in any month up-to that month (including that month).

Q.1   What was the total amount invested by the investors in all the four mutual funds combined in December?

Q.2   What was the maximum number of investors who invested to any fund in any month?

Q.3   If each investor invested to a fund only once in these four months, what can be the maximum number of investors who invested in the four months?

Q.4   What was the maximum contribution (in Rs.) to any fund over the given four month period?














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