The graph below shows the average rating given by 20 critics to six different restaurants in three different parameters Ambience, Food & Service. The maximum rating to any restaurant in any parameter by a critic can be 100.

Q.1 Number of Critics who gave a rating of less than 40 to all restaurants in Ambience cannot be more than

A)0    B)1    C)2    D)3

Q.2 If no critic rated less than 40 to any of the restaurants in Food, at most how many critics could have given a rating of exactly 100 to atleast 1 restaurant in Food?

A)9     B)10    C)5    D)20

Q.3 The number of critics who gave a rating of more than 90 to all restaurants in each of the three parameters could not be more than

A)20     B)14    C)11   D)Cannot be Determined


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