Logical Reasoning:
Logical Reasoning:


Ramu is a delivery boy at The Queen Hill Hotel. The hotel is peculiar as no road inside the hotel premises is flat; it either goes uphill or downhill. Ramu’s uphill speed is 60m/min and downhill speed is 90m/min. It is also known that he takes 2 minutes to serve the order in the room.

Q)If Ramu takes 17 minutes for a round-trip, what is the total distance(in meters) between the room and the kitchen ?

a) 2700

b) 540

c) 1080

d) Can  not be determined


2.What is the average speed in m/min for the trip?

a) 72

b) 36

c) 60

d) Cannot be determined


3. What is the ratio of distances covered uphill and downhill, for a round-trip?

a) 1:1

b) 3:2

c) 4:1

d) Cannot be determined


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