Need for Speed - DI Set

Huey , Dewey and Louie are the three grandnephews of millionaire Scrooge McDuck. For their 18th birthday, they want a sports car each. Being the stingy uncle that Scrooge is, he has asked them to solve a puzzle, the right answer to which would get them a car each. The puzzle is as follows:

I raced all the 25 cars that I have (C1, C2, C3…C25), 5 at a time, and the results were as shown in the table.

Need for Speed - DI Set

Assuming that you cannot use a stop watch to note down the finish time and can only race 5 cars at a time, answer the questions below, which are independent of each other.

Q)How many more races are required to identify the fastest Car?

a)0                               b)1                       c)2                           d)4


Q)Based on the data, how many more races are required to identify the three fastest Cars?

a) 2                              b)3                      c)4                             d)5


Q)Given that, in a race between the winners of all 5 races, C6 came first, C1 came second and C11 came third, which of the following cannot be the fastest three cars?

a)C1,C6,C11           b)C6,C2,C3           c)C6, C7, C1              d)C6, C1, C2


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