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The sentences given in the question, when properly sequenced, form a coherent paragraph. Each sentence is labeled with a letter. Choose the most logical order of sentences from the given choices to construct a coherent paragraph.

A. It conceived of the gods as blissful and immortal, yet material, beings made of atoms, inhabiting the empty spaces between worlds in the vastness of infinite space, too far away from the earth to have any interest in what man was doing.
B. In modern popular usage, an epicure is a connoisseur of the arts of life and the refinements of sensual pleasures, especially of good food and drink, attributable to a misunderstanding of the Epicurean doctrine, as promulgated by Christian polemicists.
C. It can be argued that the philosophy is atheistic on a practical level, but avoids the charge of Atheism on the theoretical level, thus avoiding the fate of Socrates, who was tried and executed for the Atheism of his beliefs.
D. Epicureanism emphasizes the neutrality of the gods and their non-interference with human lives, although it did not deny the existence of gods, despite some tendencies towards Atheism.
1. DACB        2. ABDC        3. BADC        4. DBAC

A. The most contentious part of all this is the definition of justification, and there are several schools of thought on the subject.
B. According to Evidentialism, what makes a belief justified in this sense is the possession of evidence – a belief is justified to the extent that it fits a person’s evidence.
C. Different varieties of Reliabilism suggest that either justification is not necessary for knowledge provided it is a reliably-produced true belief or justification is required but any reliable cognitive process is sufficient justification.
D. Yet another school, Infallibilism, holds that a belief must not only be true and justified, but that the justification of the belief must necessitate its truth, so that the justification for the belief must be infallible.
1. BCDA        2. BCAD        3. ABCD       4. ABDC

A. Except that the performance that they’re rewarding is industry performance, not company performance.
B. It seems counter-intuitive, then, that company boards and shareholders of most firms approve those packages.
C. A closer look, however, indicates that by endorsing performance-insensitive compensation packages, broadly diversified investors are indeed incentivizing CEOs for good performance.
D. Top management compensation packages guarantee a high level of pay, but are often only weakly linked to the performance of the firm relative to its industry competitors.
1. ABCD        2. BCAD        3. DBCA        4. DCAB

A. It’s not hard to see why this might be.
B. To many, political lobbying is seen as a way to advance special interests at the expense of the greater good.
C. So when it comes to lobbying on climate change, the prevailing public view is that most firms lobby against climate regulations because greater regulation threatens industry.
D. Consider the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, the country’s largest lobbying organization, which spent over $90 million lobbying against climate change legislation in 2014.
E. That same year, one of the highest-polluting utilities, Southern Company, spent an estimated $9 million on climate change lobbying.
1. BCADE        2. ABCDE        3. DAEBC        4. DACBE

A. As Alexander said, gifted leaders do not just gather information, they actively exploit and manipulate the assumptions of the other side.
B. Hannibal of the Alps did not have better information than did the marauding Mongols.
C. Knowing that assumption, Hannibal had all that was necessary to surprise the enemy — and overwhelm them.
D. One thing that Hannibal of the Alps knew was that the Mongols absolutely assumed that nobody would attack Azaria from the desert as to do so would be simply suicidal.
E. You may lack for capital or manpower but who knows what insane information the opposition might be working from?
1. AEBDC        2. BDCEA        3. EABDC        4. EBDCA


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