Five Students


Five students – Ani, Chinu, Jigyasa, Mayank and Viru – appeared for an exam. There were total five questions – two multiple choice (a, b or c) and three true/false questions. They answered five questions each and answered as follow.

Also, no two students got the same number of correct answers.

1. Which are the correct answers?

2. What are their individual score?


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  1. Kashika Malhotra

    correct answers:

    1. b, 2. a, 3. True, 4. False, 5. False
    2. Individual scores: chinu: 2, Ani: 1, Jigyasa: 0, Mayank 4, Viru 3.

    1. After figuring out that none of them has 5 answers correct, did you check the case of 4 correct answers for each one of them? Also, what approach did you use to find the incorrect answer by Mayank?

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