Don’t Mate in One


Karl Fabel , a German chess problemist , is responsible for this outrageous problem.

You are asked to find move for white that will not result in an immediate checkmate of black king .

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  1. By Moving the white bishop ( situated – west) one step diagonally, killiing the black rook.

    1. Hello Muskan,

      This checks the black king and there is no square left for the king to maneuver.

  2. It can be avoided only by moving his rook four squares to the left. This checks the black king but black is now free to capture the checking bishop with his rook

  3. Sahil Chauhan

    by moving down white rook killing black pawn. so, in next turn black rook can kill white bishop

  4. Sahil Chauhan

    by moving white rook down killing black pawn, so in next turn black rook can kill white bishop.

  5. Move the white rook above the white king to the bottom of black bishop, this will result in a check from the white bishop above the second white rook and will also block the white bishop at the corner, then move the black rook to kill the other white bishop that checks the king.

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