Amla, Bamla, Camla, Damla and Emala are good friends. Only two of them are always honest. The other three persons are sometimes honest and sometimes not. When they were asked about who is a liar. Here are the answers from them:

1. Amla said: Bamla is not a lier.

2. Bamla said: Camla is a liar.

3. Camla said: Damla is a liar.

4. Damla said: Emala is a liar.

5. Emala said: Bamla is a liar.

6. Amla said: Emala is not a liar.

7. Emala said: Camla is a liar.

Find out which two persons are always honest?

If Amla is honest, then the statement 1 and 6 are true. In this case three of them, Amla, Bamla and Emala would be honest which has a conflict with the fact. So Amla must be a liar.
If Camla is honest, then according to statement 3 – Damla is a liar. Statement 4 will tell us Emala should be honest. Statement 7 will tell us Camla is a liar, which will have a conflict with our assumption. So Camla must be a liar.

If Emala is honest, then according to statement 5 Bamla is a liar. Statement 2 will tell us Camla is honest. In the meantime, statement 7 tells us Camla is a liar that is a conflict. So Emala is also a liar.

We can verify Bamla and Damla are honest by going through each statement.


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