Anu is older than Sejal
Mahi is older than Anu but younger than Kriti.
Kriti is older than Sejal.
Sejal is younger than Mahi.
Gayatri is the oldest.

Who is youngest?

1. Kriti   
2. Anu     
3. Mahi 
4. Sejal

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  1. Sudhindra Koushik Perandurai

    The answer to this will be option 4: Sejal
    If Anu is older than Sejal and Mahi is older than Anu, this automatically makes Mahi older than Sejal. Moreover, Kriti is older than Mahi which again makes her older than Sejal . Lastly, Gayatri is the oldest. Thus, this makes Sejal the youngest.

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