A 5-member cricket team has to be selected for a new format of cricket named Hong Kong Super Five! It must be composed of 2 batswomen, 2 bowlers and one wicket-keeper.There are three batting contenders viz. Supriya, Sumaya and Sanjana. There are two wicket-keeping contenders viz. Sunita and Sarita. There are three bowling contenders viz. Savita, Sujata and Suprita. If Savita is selected in the team, then Suprita cannot be selected. If Sanjana is selected, then Savita cannot be selected. If Sumaya is selected, then Sanjana also has to be selected.

If Savita and Sujata are selected, then which of the following statements must be true?

I. Sarita is selected.

II. Both Supriya and Sumaya are selected as batswomen.

III. Sunita is selected.

1. Only I
2. Only II and III
3. Only III
4. None of these


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