Arohi and Viraj visit the Museum every 2 and 3 day, they met in the Museum on a 10th Feb and it was Sunday. Every time they meet on a Wednesday Arohi gives Viraj a Crystal. When will Viraj Get 2nd Crystal from Arohi, If he hadn’t receives any crytal till 10th Feb.

  1. After 24 days
  2. After 42 days
  3. After 66 days
  4. After 90 days

Solution for Quant Question of the day: 255

We will take 3 smallest prime numbers to start that are 2,3,5

now we will pick 2 at a time from the above list and multiply them. It will be 3C2 ways = 3 ways

2*3    3*5     2*5

Now these 3 numbers are not co-prime and also none of them is multiple of other.

Hence 3 smallest prime will satisfy the requirement.

And Since these are the only prime in the list of numbers, hence their LCM will be 2*3*5 = 30

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Quant Question Of The Day: 255


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