In a group of boys and girls, some people are graduates and other are not. 40% of graduates and 70% of non-graduate are boys. If there are total 40% girls in the group then what is the percent of graduates in the group.

  1. 33.33%
  2. 66.66%
  3. 50%
  4. 55.5%

Solution for Quant Question of the day: 256

They meet after 6 days (lcm of 2 and 3) or after 6n days

and Wednesday will come after 3 days or 7k+3 days

so 7k+3 = 6n (where k and n are integers)

k = 3 , then, n =4

hence they will meet after 7(3)+3 = 24 days for first time on a wednesday

and then after 42 days (lcm of 6 and 7), they will again meet (for 2nd time) on a Wednesday. It means after 66 days Viraj will  have 2 crystals.

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Quant Question Of The Day: 256


  1. lets total people be 100 those who grad be x now those who did not…(100-x)
    (option approach is easier)

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