There are 10 consecutive natural numbers. Average of this numbers is k. If 4 more numbers consecutive numbers to the smallest of the 10 numbers are added to set, then what will be new average.

  1. k+1
  2. k-4
  3. k-2
  4. can’t be deteremined

Solution for Quant Question of the day: 260

By Allegation

32                       53


18          :        3

hence quantities should be mixes in 6:1

so 49 litres should have 42 litres of 32% and 7 litres of 53%.

hence 7 litres quantity should be replaced.

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Quant Question Of The Day: 260


  1. k-2, since adding the numbers on the smaller side pulls down the avg, can be solved by taking example of numbers 5-14(add 1to 4 on left)……….

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