a,b,c and d are four real numbers such that a2 – b = b2 – c = c2 – d = d2 – a . Find the value of (a+b) (b+ c)(c+d)(d + a).
A. -1
B. 1
C. 0
D. None of these

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    1. What if a=b=c=d=1 in that case denominator will be 0 hence not possible. Question does not mention whether all of these are distinct real numbers.

  1. I feel it is option d, since question does not mention all a,b,c,d are distinct. So these all could be equal to 1, in which case the above equation holds true and the answer to the question would be 16. Hence none of these.

  2. None of these

    Equation is in a cirulatory way… so a.b.c.d may be equal …so many answers are possible.

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