The length and the breadth of a rectangle are increased by 30% and 10% respectively. Which of the following is the percentage increase in its perimeter?

A. 43
B. 40
C. 33
D. Cannot be determined

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  1. Answer can be determined.
    But according to me none from the rest of the given options satisfie the problem.
    L= 100
    B= 50
    L1 = 130
    B1 = 55
    %age increase = 2(130+55)/2(100+50) – 1
    =23% approx

  2. Mayank Khanna

    Cannot be determined
    Because perimeter needs 2 variables so we cannot calculate the exact value but range can be determined.

    1. But of you consider any number of values for length and breadth, the percentage increase would be 23% only.

  3. Manish Jindal

    D. Cannot be determined.

    Since change in parameter will be 10 + 0.2*length/(length + breadth) and depends upon values of length and breadth.

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